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Brad Roemer Discloses New Mover Concerns

If you’re in the market for a July 1st switch up of location, you may be looking for the best value at the cheapest rent in the city. Your goals may be mistaken if you take a moment to realize that the least expensive apartment face-up is actually going to cost you a load of expenses down the line. That’s why Brad Roemer is so keen on number crunching when in the market for a new living space. What you think may be cheap may not be the case once you take a microscope to it. There are a few important questions you have to ask yourself before signing the lease off to your all-time summer plans.


How Far is Your Commute?

If you’re a college-student who decided to go with an apartment that costs a meager $800 a month but requires you to take both a train and a bus-ride to your university of choice, you’re going to be shelling a lot of that sacred coffee money over to your long commute. In an accounting perspective, it may make more sense to simply go with a closer apartment that may cost you about $400 more and deciding to share your space with an extra roommate or two. Your space will be larger, you may even have the wonders of a second bathroom at your disposal, and chances are you’ll have more fun when your roommates also want to go out on the night with you. Think of it as live-in best friends who are there to take up your wild-night whims.


How much will it cost to maintain your car?


If you already have a car that you drive around, then it’s normal to think you’ll have it under control until you realize that you actually need to pay extra fees such as a parking space in the interior of your apartment building complex or a monthly parking permit to stick your car out there in the cold on the sidewalk parking. Get yourself informed or check Brad Roemer’s online app on his blog so that you can know which districts in the Oakland and San Francisco Bay areas require a monthly payment or yearly fee.


Renter’s Monthly Insurance Adds on!


You may think that your rent will cost $800 at first but take a second and ask your landlord about whether or not insurance is required. You may realize that you’re spending an extra $90 on a required insurance against theft or fire—things that are completely not in your own hands but can leave you broke. Even if it’s not required, it is highly recommended that you always go the safe round.



Improving and painting your house’s exterior

A fresh coat of paint on your home’s interior and exterior does wonders, and you don’t need to break your bank to achieve a good look. Handy‘s Interior Painting service does the job for you, while achieving the perfect look. As for the exterior, there are many ways to making this job a lot easier while doing it yourself.

The most important thing about doing the job correctly is buying the best paint that you can afford. Doing so ensures a nice, long-lasting, sleek look that will not wear down quickly. More expensive paints have more pigments, giving them a deeper, richer, and longer-lasting color than cheaper alternatives.

Check the weather. Moisture is a painter’s worst enemy. Save yourself the cost of repainting by waiting until all the surfaces are moisture-free. If you live in a region with long, snowy winters and wet springs, wait until at least June before starting an exterior paint project.

Setting a perimeter around your house ensures your safety. It will be necessary to drop cloth on items that are unable to be moved. Air conditioning items, as well as shrubbery items are the ones that you will want to keep paint free. Getting another pair of hands to make your job easier is always good, so feel free to hire a Handy helper.

Doing the harder, more boring parts first will make your job seem much easier later on. Fun places to paint are the most visible areas, while hard and boring parts are places like under the eaves, so make sure to get them out of the way first.

Preparing the painting surface ensures a smooth paint finish after you are done with the area. Be sure to clean, sand and patch any holes that you might notice. You might also want to sand between coats, to ensure the smoothest possible finish.

Last but not least, planning to work in the shade has a lot of benefits. Start where the house has shade and move along with it. Your paint will adhere better, while also being beneficial for your health by limiting sun exposure. Ideally, you should try to paint on a cloudy day, just be sure that it’s not a rainy one!

It’s surprisingly easy to paint the exterior yourself and save some money. Also, it’s always nice seeing your house in it’s full glory after a new paint job. After that, adding new window blinds and shutters will further improve the look of your house, so be sure to check out all the services Handy offers.

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